Out by 9: A rock & roll power trio that performs classic rock, funk, blues and more from the 60s to now, featuring Noah Carrico on guitar, Chris Johnson on bass/vocals and “Slick” Nick Maxey on drums. Out by 9 thrives in any musical setting due to their ability to cover a diverse range of music. In addition, the band also has original songs to keep things fresh and has interesting song mash-ups sure to keep any audience engaged. 

Formed in 2018, the band name derived from the fact that two of the members, at the time, by law could not be in an establishment that serves alcohol past 9:00 PM. While they’ve also performed under the name “Scooby and the Doos” and other various random names, Out by 9 was the perfect name that not only fits the overall spirit and age of the band but was also imagined by Don Avery, the grandfather of Nick and Noah. 

You can catch Out by 9 performing all over Franklin County and various parts of Missouri from local shows at Brown Jerry’s in Pacific, Purina Farms in Gray Summit, Twin Gables in Marthasville, events for the City of Pacfic, as well as private events such as parties, weddings, etc.

In 2020, Out by 9 recorded original material at Shock City Studios and recently released their debut album, available for your listening pleasure on all major streaming platforms as well as for purchase on Apple Music, Amazon, and many other services. 

In 2021, Noah Carrico was selected by the Attorney General of the State of Missouri as a distinguished citizen due to his contributions to music in his community. Chris and Nick are only considered honorable in certain parts of Franklin and Jefferson county.

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